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Shatterglass- Shatterglass EP

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Shatterglass- An Education In Attitude


Shatterglass- Shatterglass EP


In a world dominated by dance, rap, and pop, Shatterglass is bringing great commercial rock back to the masses. Straight out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Shatterglass comes equipped with an arsenal of infectious melodies over a rock groove.




Archie’s West in Tamarac Continues its New Rock Saturdays

Date posted: January 15, 2013


The band Shatterglass performs at Archie’s West in Tamarac – Photo Courtesy of Shatterglass

 By:  Hali Neal

Spano’s Big Radio Show continued bringing the best new rock to South Florida with another show at Archie’s West in Tamarac.

The show, which took place on January 5, featured Shatterglass, Hiatus Road and YourDesign. It drew a sizable, though more subdued, crowd. This made for some excellent people watching while enjoying a drink at the bar. The drink prices at Archie’s are middle of the road, and they have the basics when it comes to beer selection: Corona, Miller Lite, Budweiser, Yuengling, etc.

Although the first band, YourDesign, was scheduled to go on at 9:00 p.m., they didn’t actually take the stage until 10:15 p.m. YourDesign is a fairly new rock band that features the former lead singer of Theory of Disorder, Ricky Coleman. The songs they played got a little repetitive the longer into the set they went, but the band is off to a good start and after they play a few more shows together, they could be great. The two best songs of the set were toward the end. One of these songs, “Better Life”, is currently getting radio airplay on Clewiston’s Call FM station, 91.5.

Fort Lauderdale rock band Hiatus Road went on at 11:15 p.m. Hiatus Road is also a road that runs throughout Broward County, so the band often gets asked if they are named after the road. This is not the case, according to Christian who is the lead singer, who said, “Hiatus Road is a metaphor. Since hiatus means one is on a break, we consider ourselves on the road to a break.”

Hiatus Road had very tight instrumentation and vocals throughout their set. The deeper into the set they got, the better the songs sounded. The standout song of the set, however, was “Right Now”, a song that features driving guitars and lyrics that are great to rock out to.

The last band of the night was  Shatterglass, who went on at 12:15 am. For a relatively new band (they’ve been together since early 2011), they have enjoyed a good bit of success: their song “Coming Undone” was featured in Rock Band 3 and they have also recently signed with artist management company Silver Cat Entertainment, who has been heavily promoting Shatterglass’ current single, “Psycho Girlfriend“. Shatterglass was another band who saved the best songs for the end of their set: the vocals, guitar solos and bass lines were some of the best the show had to offer.

Archie’s West has a new rock showcase every Saturday, free to those who are 21+ (and $10 for 18+). For more information on any of the bands, Spano’s Big Radio Show or Silver Cat Entertainment, please visit their respective Facebook pages.


Review of Shatterglass
by L. White


With all of the evolving rock genres out there trying to invent new sounds and new concepts, it is actually refreshing to get right back to good old rock 'n' roll. That is what Shatterglass brings to the table with their self-titled EP. Catchy hooks, driving leads, sing along lyrics and a great chemistry have Shatterglass climbing the ladders of success in just a short time.
With their first single "Psycho Girlfriend", the band comes right out of the gate swinging for the fences. Being bass and beat driven by Donnie J. on bass, and Ron Jon on the skins. Coupled with the masterful lead of Jinx on his axe, looping in and around the rhythm so skillfully. The beginning has you moving instantly with it's great harmony, hooking you right in. When Zoog comes in with his lyrics, you are immediately reminded of Art Alexakis with his range being smooth, yet grainy at all the right moments. Bringing into focus the feel of Shatterglass as an auditorium rock band.
The feeling continues with "Coming Undone", with the instruments taking a back seat to the lead of Zoog's lyrics for the main body of the song. Seemingly a relationship story, you could also attribute the lyrics to a band on the rise, but on the edge. This track represents a soul searching for the band, as they seek out their path in the realm of music. Seeming oblivious at first to the wrongs they may have coursed thus far in their careers as musicians, but always driving forward. With the coming undone being the unfurling of a rose maturing to shed it's budding infant status. Thus explaining the realization of Shatterglass maturing into the rock band that once was an experimental seed, now a fully bloomed rose of success. Whether the band wrote the song this way or not, is up for interpretation, but it is every bit true upon listening to how the group has matured in their music.
On the third track, "Talkabout", the band goes back to the anthem styled sound of "Psycho Girlfriend" with that sing along appeal. Equally as entertaining, but standing on it's own merit. Even though the song is a relationship break-up song, it is up tempo and delivers in the "make you move" sense. Bringing back that essence of a band best seen live in auditoriums. Very well written and composed musically. Though lyrically a song about an ended relationship, it is written in a way to have an amicable ending with it only being an end to togetherness, but not life. You could almost see this as being the end to a live show. Using the relationship metaphor as an end to the show, but not an end to the music, as it goes on to the next step.
With this three track EP, the band has created the buzz for itself in the rock world. Having the listener craving more music and wanting to see Shatterglass perform live. A very good start to something that is sure to become even bigger as the band progresses. Shatterglass is currently in the studio working on their debut full-length album. If this EP is any indication of what the band has in store, then they are truly on the right track to success. Not trying too hard to create the next big thing or new genre, but doing music the right way. Sticking to the basic formula of storied lyrics, catchy music and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll music. That is what makes Shatterglass, themselves, the next big thing.



Review by T.Halpin


Posted on 9/30/2011

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is home to some fine musicians including Marilyn
Manson and famous for its seven mile sunny beach, being such a large city it must be extremely hard for unsigned bands to gain any recognition or break into the scene, but one band called Shatterglass has been sitting on the WDAR 96FM unsigned charts for six weeks, yes six weeks, who are they? Well the band is made up of four members Zoog (Vocals), Jinx (Guitars), Donnie J (Bass), and RonJon (Drums & Percussion). Their infectious sound is made up of catchy guitar melody’s and a hard sharp rock ego, they released their three track EP called Shatterglass, boasting a real commercial rock sound and very easy on the ears, without the usual screaming down the microphone you would here from bands of this category, Shatterglass lead singer Zoog injects the softer
side of the sound with his voice and marinates the sound to create a fusion of rock music with an original flare, Coming Undone is definitely a crowd pleaser.
Psycho Girlfriend is another one of the tracks on the single; with its catchy guitar hooks and honest lyrics, the heading of the song explains it all, I’m sure we all had one! The chorus is definitely one of those that will have you singing over and over again, the repeat button might get jammed on this track.
The final song on the EP is called Talk about, it move in a slower pace more like a ballad or anthem style tune or another way to put it a love song, if your into Nickeback or like your rock music with a drop of sugar you will love this band, if they can conquer a west Dublin radio show I’m sure they will move on to conquer bigger things in the future.


Review By Ranelle Golden


Posted on August 17, 2011 by ranellegolden

Beautifully mastered music, well thought out EP cover, and a great sound! This is ShatterGlass’s three song EP. Love the solid rock feel of the music. The first song won me over with the title alone: Psycho Girlfriend. Indeed the temptation to hit repeat was very strong. After-all who hasn’t had a Psycho “friend” or two? The lyrics were the first thing to grab me, then the rhythm kept me there to appreciate just how tight this song is. The two songs that followed were just as impressive with excellent guitar riffs, powerful vocals and outstanding rhythm. ShatterGlass demonstrates a uniqueness that is all their own with music that takes us back to the classic rock of yesterday. This band is ready for airplay. Learn more about them by visiting them at www.shatterglass.cc or Facebook: Shatterglasstheband.

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REVIEWER: Brian Rademacher

With so many downloads and physical copy CD’s being submitted to RockEyez we basically have to pick and choose what to do as we don’t have enough time in the day to do them all! Don’t get me wrong every CD that comes in does get a listen and we get all kinds of material but in finding that one element that catches your attention you may get hundreds that get passed by. Recently I was contact by Ron Jon drummer of the Ft. Lauderdale band SHATTERGLASS. They have only been together since February 2011 and he wanted to send the physical EP that they just recorded. Well I got it and while driving in my car I popped it in. I listened to the three tracks which were very good; so good that on the second spin I started singing along (and glad my windows were closed!). Anyway you can usually tell right off the bat if a band has mass potential or they may just end up being no more than a local favorite.

The first track “Coming Undone” gives the same punch as many high-profile bands like HINDER, NICKLEBACK and others. The song has a great vibe with trance-like guitar chords by Jinx and vocally Zoog has that aura to win over crowds. Plus the background vocals give the song that perfect “added spice” to reach the masses.

“Psycho Girlfriend” is another killer track that alternative radio could be playing on an hourly basis. I love the structure of the songs by SHATTERGLASS. They have that taste of passed acts like GRAHAM PARKER and THE ROMANTICS, yet have the modern day flare.

“Talkabout” rounds out the EP and is another amazing song that has catchy hooks and the kids will go crazy listening too. What more can I say than it’s an EP I would want it in my collection because the are great and have potential. I wish there were more tracks but three is better than nothing! Catch SHATTERGLASS and pick up the EP with these great tracks.

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radio debut in Dubland, Ireland  


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I heard their music and i was very impressed !!!!!! It made me feel young again and want to get up and dance. Its been a long time sense i have heard a band like them. I dont make comments on anything but i had to put this out so people would listen to this band. I have a feeling Shatterglass will soon be in the top ten!!!! Lorie
Dr. Lorie Phd
Love the songs. They have a great sound and the mix is perfect. The choruses of all the songs are very radio friendly and catchy. The vocals are great and the band is great too, they both fit together. Love the Psycho girlfriend song. Everyone knows one of them. The song Coming Undone is a great song. Love the way it starts off quiet then the heavy part kicks in. You guys have talent. The songs show that and speak for them selfs. Keep up the good work, you guys will go far.
I'm listening to your song Coming Undone and I'm loving it. I can't wait to listen to some more of your music Keep up the awesome job, you got a fan here!
Nice sound,. You guys are from my home town! I'm also from Ft. Lauderdale, nice to see a good local band sound so well. The song is very good I think in general you guys nailed it.
Really professional sound you guys have going here - excellent production, very 'MTV worthy'.
“I love "Coming Undone” ... Rock solid playing & production... We are adding this to Whotune radio...”
Chris – Whotune radio / Whotune.com
“Playing is solid, polished mix, good for radio play, Straight up Rock..”