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Vargtime RB3 Coming Undone RBN Expert Drums - Shatterglass











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We have been listening to your tunes here in our office today and we really like your sound.

We are a company based in Dublin, Ireland and we promote unsigned and independent artists. We liked your music and we share it on our page and recommended you to our fans too.

Twenty1Zero Media


You guys have a great sound.

Aaron Allenbaugh


I heard their music and i was very impressed !!!!!! It made me feel young again and want to get up and dance. Its been a long time sense i have heard a band like them. I dont make comments on anything but i had to put this out so people would listen to this band. I have a feeling Shatterglass will soon be in the top ten!!!! Lorie
Dr. Lorie Phd


Love the songs. They have a great sound and the mix is perfect. The choruses of all the songs are very radio friendly and catchy. The vocals are great and the band is great too, they both fit together. Love the Psycho girlfriend song. Everyone knows one of them. The song Coming Undone is a great song. Love the way it starts off quiet then the heavy part kicks in. You guys have talent. The songs show that and speak for them selfs. Keep up the good work, you guys will go far.


I'm listening to your song Coming Undone and I'm loving it. I can't wait to listen to some more of your music Keep up the awesome job, you got a fan here!


Nice sound,. You guys are from my home town! I'm also from Ft. Lauderdale, nice to see a good local band sound so well. The song is very good I think in general you guys nailed it.


Really professional sound you guys have going here - excellent production, very 'MTV worthy'.


“I love "Coming Undone” ... Rock solid playing & production... We are adding this to Whotune radio...”
Chris – Whotune radio /


“Playing is solid, polished mix, good for radio play, Straight up Rock..”


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